Here are examples of drawings, digital art, and ceramics. When I feel like drawing, I draw. I digital comes about when I'm exploring to create something amazing. My digital cross over with my drawings offend, thanks to programs such as Illustrator and my Wacom tablet. My ceramics create themselves. When I work with clay, I don’t plan too far ahead. I just do it.

In graphic design, you will find samples of my web and publication design as well as logos. I design a long the lines of what the needed for that project. I try to keep my designs with modern trends while pushing the envelope. I uses design elements to create my designs.

Graphic Design

Through my photography, I show the world  as it is and expand the world for others to see. The category is divided into personal and commercial photography. My personal items are visualizations of the world as I see it primarily based on my travels. On the commercial end, I feature images of products and real estate. I specialize in these two fields and am available for photograph your products or your real estate for sale.

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